Cities That Do Public Transportation Right

Global Cities with the Best Pubic Transportation Systems

We always fancy decorating our private cars in the best possible manner. Given adequate budget, we are always on the lookout for unique and trendy models while purchasing our private cars. From mileage to the wheel colors – everything is minutely checked. But once it comes to the public transport we take it for granted!

Now this tendency is about to be changed as there’s a global shift in the design and trends of public transport system. Here are some instances of the best public transportation systems all across the world. So, let’s check ’em out!

Hong Kong, China

Metro of Hong Kong is hands down one of the best public transport systems all across the globe. Braille plates for the handicapped people, tactile flooring, immaculate cleanliness – its key highlights seem to be unending. Other than this there are over 18000 taxis and a huge fleet of double decker buses available in the city. You can also hop on the double-decker tram to get a local feel. This transport is popularly known as the ding dongs.

London, UK

The legendary underground metro system termed as the tube is present in London. The metro can carry a massive number of population daily – which makes it one of the busiest and most crowded transport systems in the world. Further, the hop on and hop off red buses too are well connected. For a mess free ride experience, you may try the oyster card. The tube has been popularized in television and film and even dating apps. Those looking for a free meet and fuck using the popular casual encounter app MFUK are encouraged to meet on the tube before sealing the deal.

Barcelona, Spain

The metro of this city takes pride in connecting a network of 12 lines along with a whopping 160 stops. The city is well connected with over 100 bus lines. The well regulated urban transport system in Spain covers the entire span of the country and connects most of the destinations. Parking in the city center is quite expensive and traffic jams on the street are extremely common. So people, including the tourists, prefer to use public transports. This also helps them to save some bucks and offers a luxurious Spanish traveling experience!

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Luxembourg is connected to most of the major cities by a brilliant range of public transport network. The best part of the city is that the city plans to make all of the public transports free and the fares of bus, tram, and trains will be lifted soon. Yes, it’s surprisingly true! It’s an appreciable move by their government to cut down environmental pollution by the increasing number of street vehicles.

Paris, France

Paris – the city of love is also famous for its extraordinary transport system. With a functional app that can serve to the commuters, Paris metro ride is a cakewalk with brilliant shades of color coding. There are RER suburban express trains to interconnect with the metro stations. Covering over 214 Km, one can enjoy the fascinating art and graffiti decorations at some of the stations. You can easily go from one point of the city to another on the tram while enjoying the amazing views of the city of romance.

Zurich, Switzerland

Are you looking to experience a classy public transport ride without really hurting your pocket? Zurich has to offer you the best stuff. The best way to explore the city is on the public vehicles like bus, train, and tram. You can easily obtain a Zurich card to enjoy a free ride on the public transportation all across the city. The card will also enable you to avail some discounts on the entry fee to the city museums for the next one to three days. That truly sounds like a fancy Swiss touch, right?

Seoul, South Korea

Well connected transportation system including the taxis, buses, and subways, make it easier for the tourists to conduct their sight seeing in Seoul. The metros further offer a luxurious experience. With its warm seats for the winters, luxe LED screens and robots – the public transport system is even better than private cars! The subway system can handle over 8 million travelers daily. The best part? You can get all these and reach your destination in a faster way than your own car! Do you have any reason to neglect public transports anymore?


The mass rapid transit system is the major and fast way to travel around the city. With its low fares for the handicapped people, EZ link card for unlimited travel for up to three days, and amazing visuals – the public transports offer a fascinating experience to the riders.

So, which one is your pick? Are you planning to ride it? Book your fight ticket and experience riding the best public transports around the globe!

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