Top Scooter Sharing Companies

scooter share transportation

The scooter sharing system is a provision where people can hire scooter for use on a temporary basis. This is a new form of business that allows people who don’t have the necessary budget to purchase the scooters the option of hiring one for a limited period of time. There are various scooter sharing companies and agencies that provide different models of scooters to people on a hire basis. Before you decide to hire a scooter for yourself it is important to do your research comprehensively. You must compare the different scooter sharing companies, their services, track record, rental rates, packages, discounts and also read the reviews as well as feedback from customers who have already used these services. This will help you in making an informed decision based on your requirements as well as budget.

Multiple scooter sharing brands

In today’s market there are multiple brands as well companies that offer electric and other scooters for hire. Some of the top companies that provide scooter sharing platform for the consumers include Bird, Lime, Spin, Wind, Skip and Ofo amongst others. Let us have a look at some of these brands and what they offer to their customers as well as how they stack up against their competitors.

Bird: A bird is the dockless scooter sharing company which is electric and it is based in the region of Santa Monica, California. However the company offers the services of scooter sharing across 100 cities that span various continents Asia, North America and Europe. When you make use of the Bird app, the rider can conveniently locate as well as unlock their e-scooter. For the consumers to open the bike they need to pay the basic fare that amounts to $1 after which the rider is charged at a rate of $0.15 for every minute. In terms of funding the Bird has raised approximately $415 million and recently the company secured the funding to the tunes of $300 million from Sequoia capital. The Bird app is available for download on both Android as well as iOS.

Lime: The Lime is one of the best startups and efficient transportation company that provides scooter rentals based in the United States. It provides easy rental service to customers around the globe. Some of the vehicles available for sharing or hire at Lime includes car, electric bike and scooter to name a few. The LimeBike by the company is founded on the simple principle that all the communities and people from different walks of life should get access to the affordable as well as smart mobility. The charges or cost of hiring scooters at Lime is $1 for 30 minute ride in terms of bicycles whereas for scooters and electric bikes customers need to shell out $1 for unlocking and about 15 cents for each minute in United States. The Lime app is available on both Play store and App store.

Spin: The Spin is one of the popular scooter sharing companies that was founded as startup in the year 2017 by three people named Zaizuang Cheng, Derrick Ko and Euwyn Poon. The Spin provides scooter sharing services in about 19 cities of US. When Spin was first launched it had 500 bicycles in the region of Seattle and then it exceeded 5000 rides only in its first week of operation. The initial price to unlock the scooter is $1 and 15 cents per minute for the hire. The company raised a funding of approximately $8 million for the venture of series A capital financing which was led by the Grishin Robotics. The Spin is available on both Android and iOS for your devices.

Wind: The Wind is one of the most reliable, convenient, natural and healthy alternative to rider. The Wind is essentially a micro-mobility company which started in 2017 and was founded by an individual named Eric Wang. The Wind provides e-scooter services to various companies, hotels, cities and the universities with various solutions that range from hourly to daily rents. In the recent times the Wind which is based in Berlin raised a funding of $22 million and thus the mobility startup provided stiff competition to the Lime and Bird. The mobile app for Wind is available to download on Google Play store as well as Apple’s App store.

Ofo: The Ofo is a company for bicycle sharing that is based in Beijing in China. The company uses the dockless system in the smart phone app for the purpose of unlocking and locating a bicycle nearby. The company has provided services in excess of 250 cities as more than 200 million people that are based in the 21 countries of the world have uses Ofo’s services. For using the services of Ofo, the users need to scan the code on the app and enter the license plate number so that they unlock services for their personal use.