How Has Amazon Evolved Transportation and Logistics?

In the last few years or in a decade we could see many changes happening to Amazon’s suppliant chain. Of course, it has leased fleet of aircraft for the Boeing and you can understand how much they have evolved in the last few years. There are a lot of changes happening both in terms of logistics and transportation.

Why Amazon?

There is a major shift in all aspects of their strategies and their working model. The best part is, they have changed almost the entire system when it comes to shipping and all the changes are in accordance with the expected changes in the industry. This is the main reason people started preferring amazon. The strategies they have implemented to date and some of them which they are beginning to implement in the future are nothing but the reflection of the desires that are dreamt by modern consumers.

Hence amazon is updating it and evolving as expected by its customers. This is the reason even consumers see it as the best in the industry. When you see their evolution timeline, they have always taken the best steps towards their future in fulfillment and shipping activities. They have focused on working each and every step in the supply chain. Each and every change they have made mainly focused on being in line with consumer’s expectations. Along with this, one more thing they have mainly focused on is, creating the highest efficiency when it comes to scaling their business. Companies in other industries attempt to recreate this model in their industries. This can be seen across a large variety of different industries and spaces. One such industry is in adult entertainment. Whether it be adult content or adult dating even free sex sites like free fuckbook are attempting to emulate the successful model to grow and beat out competitors.

Evolution Of Amazon In Last Few Years

Let’s look into the main stages of the evolution of amazon in the last few years.

  • Amazon Announced Same-Day Delivery In 2009

Amazon always succeeded in recognizing white space present in this industry. Apart from this, they are also good at understanding and realizing the growing desires of their shoppers and get the right thing on time. They also analyzed one more thing and that is why the shoppers are buying a particular item.

This year they started local express delivery and offered same-day delivery for customers. Earlier it was available in few cities and later expanded it to the entire country.

  • Operation Dragon Boat In 2013

Even though Amazon was not idle or silent between the year 2009-2013, the changes made and steps were taken towards growth were more incremental. In 2013, they decided and took a major decision and that was to own their entire supply chain. Along with this, they started focusing on last-mile delivery strategies for their consumers. This is the year when amazon became a full-fledged shipping company.

This strategy was given a name and that is the operation dragon boat. Here the senior management of the company was recommended to work on the fulfillment service and expand it into a global delivery network. It took 2 more years to transform all the strategies into reality.

  • Amazon Prime-Air

Even though drones were introduced earlier, amazon was the first company to use it commercially. They announced that they are planning the delivery through drones and this will be delivered in just 30 minutes. So, tests began and they are still working on it. But, this announcement of drone delivery was really amazing and created vibes. It is definitely a game-changer.

  • Stake in Yodel and Colis Prive’ in the year 2014

Even though the owing process of the supply chain started in 2013, the last part was completed in 2014. There were two shipping companies from which amazon bought a stake. One is Colis Prive and the other is Yodel. Amazon later understood that Colis was the better investment choice for them. The initial purchase was 25% and after two years they bought the entire company.

  • Amazon Prime Now in 2015

Amazon prime now completely focused on deliveries which happen within 2-3 hours. They wanted to improve deliveries one more time after changes made using the operation dragon boat. There is a lot of amazon prime now hubs and they are increasing the number day by day. The growth of this amazon prime now is considered as one more step taken towards improving the deliveries.

Amazon has the goal to deliver the products to consumers in a more frictionless and faster way. So, this year was dedicated to that and they also did something to improve the delivery time. This strategy was also towards creating a streamlined and highly efficient logistics network.

  • Amazon Purchases Colis Prive from 2016 till Now

Two years back they bought 25 percent of the company and in 2016, they bought the entire Colis Prive. This is one of the very popular and efficient shipping companies. There are many reasons behind the purchase of this shipping company and the first thing they focused on was fulfillment in deliveries.

This was later realized to be one of the highest economic decisions which amazon made and it helped in improving the revenue as well. One more thing they found this year that seasonal spikes which were related to the purchasing behavior are the main reason behind overloading the partners. There were many cases when customers received occasional gifts like Christmas gifts very late.

But through purchasing Colis Prive and improving strategies were the best steps through which amazon proved many things. Even the industry experts felt and agreed that Amazon is on the right path towards transforming into a full-fledged shipping company. At this point, even amazon denied it but after six months even they agreed by looking at the emerged documents.

Uber is one more company that we need to mention here since it also experienced incredible success when it comes to disrupting industries. After it has completely established the main taxi business, it started with something else like deliveries. It wanted to expand and establish the infrastructure mainly in deliveries. So, they focused on creating PostMates and UberRush.

  • Amazon Flex

This is the time when amazon seriously wanted to lead and not left behind. They started planning towards Amazon Flex. By 2016, they were almost expanded in some cities and today they cover the entire country.

Flex takes the entire responsibility of last-mile fulfillment. This is all about the outgrowth sharing economy and the service involves independent drivers. For example, an Uber driver can visit some local Amazon warehouse and pick the package and deliver the same to the final destination.

  • Amazon Leases a Fleet of Aircraft

Yes, this also happened in 2016 and this is one of the major moves. They finally made a deal with Air Transportation Services Group and to the decision of leasing of 20 Boeing 767s. This is to improve and bring in more and more delivery capabilities.

Today, there is no need for Amazon to compete with other leading companies. The main reason behind this is, they are already best and they have succeeded in impressing their customers and becoming the full-fledged shipping company.